The most affordable and versatile pants I own and recommend for every man to have at least 1 pair 

So if you’ve read my first post, and are reading this, you’re probably like me. It takes you forever to shop because you never wear the same size, even within the same brand of jeans or pants. It’s beyond annoying and gets even worse when you’re in the damn dressing room 372 times and walk out with nothing. You feel defeated and fatter, stockier, shorter and misshaped more than ever. You contemplate running 10 miles a day for a year so you can fit into any pair of pants you like.  But after about 7 seconds, that terrible idea passes and you go home and enjoy a beer.  With that being said, below is the first review of a pair of pants that I absolutely love. 

It’s somewhat of an odd brand…Perry Ellis. I’m not really sure who carries their stuff other than Macy’s or their outlet or online. But stumbling around the Outlet mall here in San Diego, I found these bad boys. The Perry Ellis Slim Fit, 5 Pocket, Sateen Pant. They’re absolutely perfect for so many reasons. The fit, the feel, the style and look, the versatility and the price. 

THE FIT: Now don’t let “Slim Fit” scare you away. I know most guys who are built like me won’t even consider trying pants on that say that. But I promise, your tree trunk legs will be able to breath and you’ll be able to move around comfortably. The 2% spandex works wonders! I swear by the spandex. I don’t think I’ve bought a pair of pants, jeans or chinos that don’t have spandex in them in the last year. The only negative is how true to size they are. I have 3 pair, stone blue, burgundy and navy. The stone blue are 34/30 and the others are 36/30. I highly suggest trying on each pair to make sure they fit how you want, regardless of size. 

THE FEEL: Very breathable materiel, which makes life much better. The only downside to the materiel is they tend to collect a lot of lint, so have a lint roller handy.  If you’re a frequent Gold Bond or Baby Powder applier, these pants will let the boys breath comfortably, I promise!  

THE STYLE AND VERSATILITY: These have a very tailored look. Probably my favorite feature of these pants is how versatile they are. I can dress them up with a shirt and tie or wear them with a clean white or other color casual sneaker. They also have a very slight and subtle metallic look to them, which I like. They are tapered enough at the ankle and won’t hang too far over your shoes. And if you’re like me, I like showing off my socks a little bit so the 30 inseam works perfect.  

And finally, THE PRICE: I’ve seen them ranging from $34.99 up to $69.50 on the Perry Ellis website. Here is the link to their website: Slim Fit 5 pocket Sateen pant

Overall, these will be a staple in my wardrobe for a while.  Everything about them is well above average. Here’s a few pictures from the website and one with me wearing them.  Keep in mind, I’m about 6′ and 220lbs. 


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