A must have boot for anytime…

I’m sorry, I know you were probably expecting a post about some pants or jeans for us fit/fat guys or a shirt review, but I couldn’t wait to talk about these boots. So now you know, this blog will touch base on everything fashion and style, but will concentrate on the big issue us tree trunk 30 inch inseam guys have. So on to today’s post. 

The Clark’s Originals Desert Mali boot. I actually picked these up because another pair of Desert Boots weren’t available. I’m glad I did though. The gentleman at the Clark’s location menstioned that the Desert Mali boot will start to look worn almost immediately. As you can see in the photo, the just looked a little plain to me out of the box. When I got home, I had them in the oven for a few minutes to warm the leather up, because they were stiff as hell and I had to apply their weatherproof paste. The following morning, the color changed a little lighter, but I wasn’t really feeling them. I decided to wear them anyways to see how much more worn or distressed they could get. Literally after 20 or so steps, they started to lighten up and kind of come to life.  The Desert Mali boot was extremely comfortable, very light and they didn’t have a clunky feeling like a lot of boots do. I’ve often struggled to find a boot that was actually comfortable to walk in and breathable, but these accomplished both.


I highly suggest these boots because of their comfort, style and classic look. Oh, and because they’re on sale….a damn week after I bought them. Follow the link below. 

Desert Mali Boot


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