I’ll start by saying that I found these jeans at a Calvin Klein outlet, so I’m not sure if the exact pair is still available at a normal retailer. I’ve already “waisted” way too much time looking all over the damn internet and can’t find a pair that matches these. More on that a little later though.  

Jeans, for the most part, are an absolute pain in the ass for me to find. Much worse than chinos or dress pants. I will literally try on 10-15 pairs when I’m shopping and will walk out without a thing. Besides attention whores, it’s the single most annoying thing of all time. That’s including my gym selfies. Anyways, here they are, Calvin Klein Slim Fit jeans. These are a little longer than I would normally get, but since they’re a slim fit jean, I think the 32 inch inseam isn’t too long, plus, I couldn’t find a 30. The jeans have a very unique color and that’s what stood out to me when I got them. And Brittney, the rather attractive Calvin Klein employee, suggested them. I’m a sucker for that shit.  These felt a little snug when I first tried them on, but with a vote of Brittney’s confidence, I pulled the trigger. 

The actual make up of the jean is 68% cotton, 29% polyester and 3% elastane.  They aren’t as thin as some of my other jeans, mostly Buffalo, so that’s another reason I liked these. They just felt more durable.  The amount of elastane, whatever the hell that is, is perfect. I can move around without having to make 351 crotch adjustments per day. Speaking of crotch, they’re button fly, which I love. The only down side is I really can’t dress these up that much. 

So back to the online search for these. As I type this, the Calvin Klein website is down. But for your reference, the style # is: 41AP711. Color: Mechanic Blue. Remember, they’re button fly. The mechanic blue jeans I’ve seen online are zip up. So if you have an outlet near you, that would be my first stop. Then probably the CK website. I’ll update this if I can find a link to the exact same pair.  

On a final note, I haven’t seen Brittney on Tinder or so I won’t waste my time talking to her if I head to the outlet again. 


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