I’ll start by saying that I found these jeans at a Calvin Klein outlet, so I’m not sure if the exact pair is still available at a normal retailer. I’ve already “waisted” way too much time looking all over the damn internet and can’t find a pair that matches these. More on that a little later though.  

Jeans, for the most part, are an absolute pain in the ass for me to find. Much worse than chinos or dress pants. I will literally try on 10-15 pairs when I’m shopping and will walk out without a thing. Besides attention whores, it’s the single most annoying thing of all time. That’s including my gym selfies. Anyways, here they are, Calvin Klein Slim Fit jeans. These are a little longer than I would normally get, but since they’re a slim fit jean, I think the 32 inch inseam isn’t too long, plus, I couldn’t find a 30. The jeans have a very unique color and that’s what stood out to me when I got them. And Brittney, the rather attractive Calvin Klein employee, suggested them. I’m a sucker for that shit.  These felt a little snug when I first tried them on, but with a vote of Brittney’s confidence, I pulled the trigger. 

The actual make up of the jean is 68% cotton, 29% polyester and 3% elastane.  They aren’t as thin as some of my other jeans, mostly Buffalo, so that’s another reason I liked these. They just felt more durable.  The amount of elastane, whatever the hell that is, is perfect. I can move around without having to make 351 crotch adjustments per day. Speaking of crotch, they’re button fly, which I love. The only down side is I really can’t dress these up that much. 

So back to the online search for these. As I type this, the Calvin Klein website is down. But for your reference, the style # is: 41AP711. Color: Mechanic Blue. Remember, they’re button fly. The mechanic blue jeans I’ve seen online are zip up. So if you have an outlet near you, that would be my first stop. Then probably the CK website. I’ll update this if I can find a link to the exact same pair.  

On a final note, I haven’t seen Brittney on Tinder or so I won’t waste my time talking to her if I head to the outlet again. 


A must have boot for anytime…

I’m sorry, I know you were probably expecting a post about some pants or jeans for us fit/fat guys or a shirt review, but I couldn’t wait to talk about these boots. So now you know, this blog will touch base on everything fashion and style, but will concentrate on the big issue us tree trunk 30 inch inseam guys have. So on to today’s post. 

The Clark’s Originals Desert Mali boot. I actually picked these up because another pair of Desert Boots weren’t available. I’m glad I did though. The gentleman at the Clark’s location menstioned that the Desert Mali boot will start to look worn almost immediately. As you can see in the photo, the just looked a little plain to me out of the box. When I got home, I had them in the oven for a few minutes to warm the leather up, because they were stiff as hell and I had to apply their weatherproof paste. The following morning, the color changed a little lighter, but I wasn’t really feeling them. I decided to wear them anyways to see how much more worn or distressed they could get. Literally after 20 or so steps, they started to lighten up and kind of come to life.  The Desert Mali boot was extremely comfortable, very light and they didn’t have a clunky feeling like a lot of boots do. I’ve often struggled to find a boot that was actually comfortable to walk in and breathable, but these accomplished both.


I highly suggest these boots because of their comfort, style and classic look. Oh, and because they’re on sale….a damn week after I bought them. Follow the link below. 

Desert Mali Boot

The most affordable and versatile pants I own and recommend for every man to have at least 1 pair 

So if you’ve read my first post, and are reading this, you’re probably like me. It takes you forever to shop because you never wear the same size, even within the same brand of jeans or pants. It’s beyond annoying and gets even worse when you’re in the damn dressing room 372 times and walk out with nothing. You feel defeated and fatter, stockier, shorter and misshaped more than ever. You contemplate running 10 miles a day for a year so you can fit into any pair of pants you like.  But after about 7 seconds, that terrible idea passes and you go home and enjoy a beer.  With that being said, below is the first review of a pair of pants that I absolutely love. 

It’s somewhat of an odd brand…Perry Ellis. I’m not really sure who carries their stuff other than Macy’s or their outlet or online. But stumbling around the Outlet mall here in San Diego, I found these bad boys. The Perry Ellis Slim Fit, 5 Pocket, Sateen Pant. They’re absolutely perfect for so many reasons. The fit, the feel, the style and look, the versatility and the price. 

THE FIT: Now don’t let “Slim Fit” scare you away. I know most guys who are built like me won’t even consider trying pants on that say that. But I promise, your tree trunk legs will be able to breath and you’ll be able to move around comfortably. The 2% spandex works wonders! I swear by the spandex. I don’t think I’ve bought a pair of pants, jeans or chinos that don’t have spandex in them in the last year. The only negative is how true to size they are. I have 3 pair, stone blue, burgundy and navy. The stone blue are 34/30 and the others are 36/30. I highly suggest trying on each pair to make sure they fit how you want, regardless of size. 

THE FEEL: Very breathable materiel, which makes life much better. The only downside to the materiel is they tend to collect a lot of lint, so have a lint roller handy.  If you’re a frequent Gold Bond or Baby Powder applier, these pants will let the boys breath comfortably, I promise!  

THE STYLE AND VERSATILITY: These have a very tailored look. Probably my favorite feature of these pants is how versatile they are. I can dress them up with a shirt and tie or wear them with a clean white or other color casual sneaker. They also have a very slight and subtle metallic look to them, which I like. They are tapered enough at the ankle and won’t hang too far over your shoes. And if you’re like me, I like showing off my socks a little bit so the 30 inseam works perfect.  

And finally, THE PRICE: I’ve seen them ranging from $34.99 up to $69.50 on the Perry Ellis website. Here is the link to their website: Slim Fit 5 pocket Sateen pant

Overall, these will be a staple in my wardrobe for a while.  Everything about them is well above average. Here’s a few pictures from the website and one with me wearing them.  Keep in mind, I’m about 6′ and 220lbs. 

A fashion guide for the average 30 something…

FeaturedA fashion guide for the average 30 something…

I’m a single, 37 year old man, who enjoys staying in style, staying ahead of trends and men’s casual fashion overall. But avoiding the fear that I’m trying to look too young is daunting and something I’ve heard all too often from others. I want to look good or well put together when I’m either at the office or out on the weekend, and hell, maybe even at the gym. I don’t want to be the guy in dad jeans and a tucked in flannel, but I don’t want to be the late 30’s guy wearing skinny jeans and trying to be cool. I’ve had conversations with a particular friend about these exact issues (While his wife laughs at us) and it seems to be a common theme. Rob, make sure Katie sees this and tell her I said thank you for the inspiration.

I’m in decent shape, but could lose a few pounds because I enjoy beer. I’d say I’m average, but somewhat fit.  I’ve got broad shoulders and I don’t skip leg day at the gym.  Which means I can’t fit into anything I like, ever. My pants size can range from 34/30 to 38/32. From straight fit to regular fit, tapered to boot cut….wait, nevermind, I don’t know why they even make boot cut jeans anymore.  Everything I see that I like is an extra medium or the pants are 29 slims. Jeans are too tight in the thighs and look like I’m smuggling grapes but fit the waist, or they’re perfect in the thighs but I’m swimming in them in the waist. It’s beyond difficult finding a good fit, so because of that, my shopping trips last even longer than I’d like. One brand’s 34 could be a 38 in another. But over the years, I’ve found a few brands, fits and styles that seem to make shopping a little easier.  Thanks to these brands for adding spandex to both their jean and shirt materiel, its really made life a little better.  I’d say 75% of my jeans, pants, shirts and t shirts have the spandex stretch to them.  I can now find shirts that have the athletic or fitted look without my nipples piercing through them because it’s so tight. I can now wear jeans that don’t fit like I’m going to a rave in 1998.

Moving forward, each week, I will share a few reviews of brands that I like, discuss the fit that they have and the overall look, discuss trends and provide some photos or links. I’m just here to help with everyday fashion for guys who aren’t 6’2″, 160lbs and can buy a size small shirt from Express. If you want to look good and stay relatively modern with your wardrobe without trying too hard, this will guide you through these tough times. I will discuss anything and everything, from shoes, to accessories, from inexpensive to expensive, from JC Pennies to Bloomingdales. So join me and I hope I can make your hatred of trying on clothes that don’t fit a little better.

Oh, and if you’re one of those assholes who wears 34/32’s, has better control of your diet or has great genetics, you still may enjoy the brands, styles and fits that will be reviewed here.